Imagine a concept where you can combine small glass bulb lamps with over 200 colors of velvet to create textile wall hangings. This wonderful tool gives direction to the kind of atmosphere and experience that is aimed for in any space. From calming to activating, from subtle to theatrical, from colorful to subdued. Together with the appeal of the little lamps and the material this light object offers a wide range of possibilities.


It all started with my vision on a children’s hospital ward. I envisioned hangings with beautiful integrated little lights that would give some comfort and reassurance during the night. To create an example of what a WALL LIGHT [originally called Laplamp in Dutch] could do I made a series of 5 extremely different floor to ceiling objects for my very first exhibition at Design Gallery Yksi in Eindhoven. One of them was immediately acquired by the TextielMuseum as part of their collection. Another published in an exclusive shoot for Elle Decoration.


It was the beginning of a very rewarding concept that is still evolving. In the small version there is choice from over 10 different colors of mini lightbulbs transparent and mother of pearl, matted or shiny, uni or mixed, combined with the velvets of A House of Happiness. In the large version you can choose from uni colored light from large unbreakable LED bulbs and tube lights in sizes up to 2.10 meters long. Its most amazing quality still is the way a single well-chosen WALL LIGHT transforms a room and ties together everything in it.

Since then it is adorning many homes and public spaces, businesses, care centers, shops, waiting rooms and the occasional art centers and museums. The most impressive ones are a threesome designed for an award-winning wine bar in New York and an orange one in the stairwell of a home, both about 5 meters high and fitted with 100 lamps each.


On average a WALL LIGHT is fitted from floor to ceiling on a width of one meter with a trailing veil. A returning pattern is a vertical rectangle. I have also drawn ‘lines’ with it as in a curtain in this 1800’s mansion. Length and width of the textiles are unlimited and the lamps come in amounts of 50 and 35 litle light bulbs. I have started to make portraits of some of the homes that house this light object. At one of the photoshoots a proud owner wanted to have his portrait taken too and the photographer Jan Kalma and me complied.


The biggest compliments come from the art-and-design-lovers that ordered the WALL LIGHT on the left. They still enjoy the way the bright lights reflect in the glass roofing and how the blue color of the velvet brings out the best in all the pieces they have gathered over the years. The lady of the house reminded me recently that this has been over 20 years by now… 

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