Je bestelt precies wat je wilt, je weet nooit wat je krijgt

This interior design concept is created socially with the excess materials of a network of thrift stores. By working with design recipes as a connecting factor this surplus becomes absolutely alluring. THE UPCYCLE COLLECTION focuses on tailor-made interiors for professional interior decoration with a total design, however also delivers tailor-made unique items for every living room. This form of responsible (mass) production moves from a supply chain to a regional supply circle. 

And yet each item is unique. This not only creates a celebration of styles and shapes that are broadly recognizable. The variety of different chairs also ensures that there is a suitable and attractive item for everyone. Custom-made cabinets become works of art, color families become living worlds, and usage becomes an enjoyment.

Because the collection is created from single pieces and incomplete series, items can easily be replaced or supplemented, for example in case of breakage. Glassware or crockery and furniture collections can therefore endlessly be expanded with extra items purchased. Different color compositions ensure that every single piece keeps its unique character and at the same time is clearly part of a family with a shared DNA. These compositions range from exuberant to neutral, from soft to vibrant colors, from safe to surprising, all named after family outings. A color family can also be custom-made at request. The products are made in inclusive circular workshops where enthusiastic students, eager and creative migrants, temporary employees re-entering the workplace, and loyal volunteers get the opportunity to develop their personal and creative assets or who simply want to contribute to a better world. 

video impression of the complete collection
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custom made interior and color family for RUG
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A statement and utter consequence of designing no new (to be fabricated) products, but to design an alternative system that makes reuse exeptionally compelling.

A commendable play on the sign of the times with an extra dimension, a positive and sympathetic contribution to the environement and society.

Jury rapport Frisian Design Prize

It sounds almost impossible: affordable objects that feel like design, and are also entirely made of disposed products.

The new Upcycle Collection makes it come true.

Sharon Cornelissen

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