The creation of the DUPLEX lamp for the main building of a centre for the visually impaired was a very rewarding project. It was a pleasure to work with an architect who did extensive research on sight. As a result the basic colours of the building are orange and yellow because these are the last colours you see when sight is leaving you. So it was easy to choose the colours for my object!


Louise Cohen project Duplex 2


Then I did some research myself on the effect of lighting to the visually impaired. Looking up should be a pleasant experience, so all kinds of glaring lights were out of the question. Another logical element in my choice was the management’s preference for low maintenance and low energy lamps. I had anticipated this request, so the optimal outcome for all parties was to fit the lamp with simple eco light bulbs. The most energy saving option at that time.


Louise Cohen project Duplex 4


This was my only project ever that came to the desired result by trial and error. To my good fortune it helped me create the foundation of a modular system for monumental lamp shades. DUPLEX was based on a prior design called FLOWERY SKIRT. I used the same technique here with connected aluminum strips hanging from steel cables that stabilize the shape horizontally in mid air. This worked perfectly for the three monumental skirt shapes, since they are free flowing at the underside.


Louise Cohen project Duplex 3


As you can see installing was great fun. The luminous part was exactly what it should be. The shape and colours were perfectly in place. The mixing of the two layers in the middle did what I imagined it to do and created a beautiful third colour. But…


Louise Cohen project Duplex 6


The shapes did not stabilize… This is where the trial and error came in. I will spare you the rest of the story, but it gave me the opportunity to test and experience what the requirements are for a monumental lampshape like this. It laid the foundation for my Inspirational Instrument called LAMPSHAPES. This modular system can create almost any kind of form and seize, with all kinds of added functions and exactly the right feel.