Louise Cohen Steel Lights 2

Louise Cohen Steel Lights


STEEL LIGHTS two woven stainless steel LED light objects

office corridors Mannen van Staal [men of steel]

2.60 m x 2.60 m

woven stainless steel | LED tube lights

design matching objects for the end of the two corridors that will let our company stand out

woven stainless steel material specially developed and woven for me

Not one, but two iron curtains at de Mannen van Staal [men of steel], there is no better match. The colors of the light are based on the colors of the wall, going from red to white and from red to blue. Picture perfect at the end of both corridors. An enormous asset to complement our design- and art zeal.

Lize Bakker
owner Mannen van Staal

The language of light is a language that can not be put in words. Some artist know how to literately weave that light into their work. Louise Cohen is one of them. The carefully considered design arranges the materials originally.

Gerhild Tóth-van Rooij
art critic