As a polyvalent designer, I had the privilege to create beauty and well-being in many different ways for a couple of decades. I can claim some fame with concepts and designs from 3 grams to over 3000 kilos [1 ounce to over 7000 pounds]. My work and I have been to international exhibitions, in various catalogs and specialist journals, on local and national television and in all major Dutch newspapers.

portrait for article in DVHN

London Design Fair

publication in “the Art of Eating”

NEW YORK  Andrea Caccese

Louise Cohen is a designer based in The Netherlands. She is known for her remarkably eclectic approach and a broad portfolio of work, with a particular focus on interiors and architecture.

Louise has developed a style that could be considered a great combination of pleasing aesthetics and practicality, as she strives to create work that enhances people’s lives and environments in many different ways.

“As a polyvalent designer, I find that color, acoustics, lighting and feeling connected with the outdoors are fundamental components to creating a sense of wellbeing and belonging.”

In a nutshell, Louise’s work aims to make people feel good.

To achieve her end goal, Louise is always keen on finding simple solutions, often creating original innovative designs by using unusual combinations of materials, as well as components as diverse as textiles, metal, light, motion and more. Her works feel “alive” and organic, as the past, present and future interact with one another in a very palpable way. Combining modern functionality with timeless aesthetics, the end result feels innovative, yet comfortably familiar.


PROJECT & INTERIOR [Pi]  Rutger van Oldenbeek

As a designer Louise Cohen characterizes herself as “polyvalent”. This does not just go for the variety in the utensils she designs – from napkins to façade-size objects – but also for the versatility of each single design. For Louise Cohen a design is not just what it is, but it is meant to do something to its user and to the space in which it is used. “It has a practical and a technical side, but also an emotional one. I can often combine all elements in a room by using one object only, which brings about a certain spirit of unity”.
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WONEN & CO Shyra Hueting

The ultimate example of polyvalence is the garden table from Cohen’s LIFE IS GREAT-collection. It was on show during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and gained the admiration of no one less than trend guru Lidewij Edelkoort.



Numerosas obras de los diseñadores anteriormente nombrados y de otros como Ineke Hans, Marcel Wanders o Louise Cohen se pueden apreciar en este espacio. Inocentes o malintencionadas, estos trabajos muestran la realidad del diseño actual.


VILLA D’ARTE  Ellen van Ree

Her design is simple, moving, palpable. And above all: beautiful. Her work has an undeniable character of its own.


EIGEN HUIS & INTERIEUR  Hermelijn van der Meijden

Louise Cohen knows that life can be celebrated in full. She is ready to enjoy, because ‘life is great’. Since then she has given all her designs a Life is… title.


LICHT  Marion Segond de Banchet

Embellishing in a tight, elegant way, smoothing, streamlining, is what Louise Cohen strives for. Adding what the surroundings ask for and at the same time dismissing what causes dislike.


TEXTILE PLUS  Sasja Saptenno

Her name belongs in a list with Hella Jongerius, Hil Driessen, Ella Koopman and other prominent designers. Multi-discipline design is the only term that comes near to describing her effort. She is versatile and goes on where others have reached their limits. Or does she know how to stop at the right moment? She elegantly knows how to use everyday objects for new purposes.
The new artefact has a childlike glory, it is always practical and a feast to the eye. Her designs look simple, but there is a great inner complexity that results into harmonious designs.
She is great at integrating different elements, rational as well as emotional ones. Her resourcefulness is admirable.



Remarkable associations of functions characterize her work. Life is Perfect and Life is Great are fine examples of original shapes applied to collective symbol values.



For Louise Cohen thinking up and making new things isn’t just something. She reaches for the stars. Her designs are comfortable, but never coquettish.


BIJTIJDS  Fred Nicolai

She does not aim at an uproar, but wants her creations esthetically balanced. “My goal is to make things that can be enjoyed for a long time”



My work was selected by Ingeborg de Roode, curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and has been exhibited in many countries and cities like Amsterdam, Moscow, Madrid, Milano and Dallas, the Focke Museum in Bremen and TextileMuseum in Tilburg. My most exceptional assignment was a custom made three-piece monumental light object for an award winning wine bar in New York.

Also both my collections and several concepts have been shown worldwide at prestigiues design festivals like the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and the London Design Fair in London.


Lecturer | juror design events | educational assessments | developing contests and concepts

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portrait for Vredeman de Vries Design Prize

presentation at Mannen van Staal [men of steel]

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The United Nations has formulated 17 Sustainable Development Goals to join in realizing a better world for all people to live in. You can contribute to one or more goals as a country, a business or an organization, or as a person. As a durable designer, these 6 goals are naturally incorporated into my work. I have partnerships with Omrin, Circular Workshop Utrecht at de ARM and Emmaus, Recycle shop Zuid in Maastricht, Dokwurk, A House of Happiness, Mannen van Staal, and MindUp.

Also, I create a series of furniture with these goals incorporated in color, text, number and icon. Please ask me for more information if you are interested.


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