MILEWOOD  the point where past and present coincide

design for the courtyard garden of Groningen Seaports Delfzijl

15.00 m x 0.40 m x 0.40 m
diameter basalt 3.00 m

140 year old wooden mooring-post 3000 kg | stainless steel | polyester

express the relationship with the sea and the 2 seaports, its history and its future

part of the art additions made by Marthe Röling, Coop Himmelblau and others

A good entrepreneurial climate benefits from art and culture. Large companies have an eye for that. They know they have to compete for scarce talent and young people only want to live and work in an exiting city or inspiring village. That is why Groningen Seaports brings art and culture to the harbors and offices. For example ‘de Mijlpaal’ by Louise Cohen in the patio of our beautiful office in Delfzijl with its magnificent view on the world heritage Wetlands / Wadden. Almost all visitors ask about this milestone. Then we talk some about the arts and we slip easily into business.

Harm D. Post
director Groningen Seaports