The modular LIFE IS GREAT outdoor collection offers different ways to relax and to prepare food sitting together at the table. The timeless designs adjust to any kind of style and have many faces. Time to show you a whole new different one! I got a personal request by phone from London to make a special lifestyle series for them featuring the LIFE IS UNLIMITED table. This website originates from one of the leading international blogs Design Milk in order to spread the top designs they have spotted to true design lovers worldwide. They also have a true love for designers and it is a joy to work with them!



In cooperation with styling expert Frank Barkmeijer and (art) photographer Ellen Jissink we did several shoots at MANNEN VAN STAAL [men of steel], the place where all my metal designs are manufactured, stored and displayed. Ellen and Frank had a hard time finding the right angle, the perfect spots, the best lighting and the right feel. All together it took 2 full days of shooting and another 2 full days of editing. It was all worth it and the end result was just the way the people in London wanted it and more.


Frank Barkmeijer Ellen Jissink


These pictures also give me the opportunity to point out all the details men of steel and I have perfected in the past five years. View the complete collection in PDF here.

The double walled cooler that is hidden under this tile has gone through four versions before we were completely satisfied. Now you can turn the cooler upside down so it will stay clean when not in use. It not only keeps the cool in, next to a fire element it will keep the heat out as well.




The bio ethanol cooker had some adjustments to make it seem that a pan floats on fire. It can be used for very low and slow cooking and long high heat. The hand made stainless steel cover is a perfect fit and an exact match with the cooler cover.



A small enlargement of the ring in the cover that accompanies the grill and fire element was made. It matches the size of the other ornamental cover and is now more suitable for larger hands.  Originally intended for the square LIFE IS GREAT fire table it now fits into different kind of tables in the collection. I personally still enjoy the sight of the grill every time I use it…


Louise Cohen detail fire element 2 800


Elegantly concealed under the water element is a cute box that stores solar energy from an accompanying panel. This makes it possible to run the fountain in the dark, so the new additional LED lights can literally come to light! And… you will love the little remote control to turn it on and off and make the water bubble go higher or lower.



I hereby introduce to you the new wheels! After searching long and hard I finally found the wheel that fits all my standards. It has the right look and the material is extremely durable and will keep all surfaces in tact.


Louise Cohen LIFE IS EASY detail bench 800


The seats have undergone an improvement too. The high quality material is a feast for the eyes. Its has a subtle shine to it and it is an interesting combination with the ceramic material of the table top. Matching pillows are in the making.

Louise Cohen LIFE IS FAIR stools 800


LIFE IS UNLIMITED is as always signed and numbered and every single one will be customized with care to bring out the best in any garden. As an American journalist put it: “Celebrate your life with a sensational statement about your sense of being”.


Louise Cohen LIFE IS UNLIMITED 800


For question and visits to the showroom at MANNEN VAN STAAL in my hometown Leeuwarden in the Netherlands please contact me here.

If you want to reach Frank Barkmeijer dial 0031 (0)657888468 | If you want to reach Ellen Jissink dial 0031 (0)615474787


see the whole collection? follow this link!