The LIFE IS GREAT table has been travelling with me to international design exhibitions and events for many years. The response of experts, gallerists, colleague designers and press have been unanimously positive and praising. Happy owners tell me how much they still enjoy their table after more than 15 years. So from here on I can confidently let LIFE IS GREAT travel on its own. Every six weeks the table is staying with a new host in their outdoor space. These are the adventures of the travelling LIFE IS GREAT table at the home of Geneviève. Enjoy her pictures and her stories!

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People in these pictures: The man in the pink shirt is the last temporary owner, the men in light blue and white t-shirts are neighbors & the man in the dark blue shirt is our big hero and fellow villager.

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Fun fact: the neighbor in the white shirt and I have become better acquainted as the table had to go through a small gate and down a slippery path so we had to work closely together. See him and me lifting one side of the table.

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Eating a beschuit [typically Dutch breakfast rusk] while the cat watches the “morning splash”.

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Nicely done by us right? We can have a tidy barbecue if we want to!
At least that what we thought at the start…
It’s official, we can not barbecue the tidy way…we want to…but how do you do that.. and at the same time make sure that nothing turns black.
That’s only possible if you think outside the box, here the borders of the grill, which works very successfully with this table, point proven!


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On the right is sitting Master Chef Michiel and Saskia from the tastiest restaurant in Amsterdam ”Vis aan de Schelde”.

Michiel was a little too enthusiastic when we said let’s barbecue. He brought a homemade saté, still hot & ready to eat and made on his own grill. Oh…. ‘your’ barbecue!

So instead we put a table cloth on the table and of course we had a fire after woulds.


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This is what we found the morning after the storm. Branches broke off but the LIFE IS GREAT table is still standing strong….! Clearing everything away.

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Sitting behind the fire starter is Bas. He came to take a swim with two dogs.

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This story ends here and what a summer that was… You can enjoy the pictures and stories the table hosts post of the LIFE IS GREAT travelling table on the road on its special fan page on Facebook.

If you would like to be the next LIFE IS GREAT table host [grill, wine cooler and bench with wood storage included] you are hereby invited! All you need to do is transport table and accessories from the previous host’s to you and keep us posted so we can enjoy your adventures as well.