LIFE IS A PLEASURE table with modular options

This table can be customized to your needs.
Complete it with the elements below to your liking for cooking, grilling, heating, relaxing and cooling your food and drinks.
All elements are elegantly concealed in the table top when not in use.

€ 1.895,00

Signed and numbered

delivery time 4 to 6 weeks | free shipping in the Netherlands

galvanized steel | stainless steel | durable weatherproof top

3.30 m x 0.90 m x 0.75 m | legs 5 cm x 5 cm

❝ I still get much satisfaction from my LIFE IS A PLEASURE set with LIFE IS EASY.
Now that the snow is melting I am looking forward to the new spring and summer.
The joy of sitting round the table with friends and lighting its fire to have a prolongued after-dinner companionship.

H.W. | Huizen