LIFE IS A PARTY large and small tableware table and cup

The large or small plates in the LIFE IS A PARTY series are fit as a side table next to your couch or armchair. The cup and saucer make it easy to serve a hot beverage anywhere you like. All items offers the possibility to either use one single piece or make your very own combination that fits your needs.

Nomination Frisian Design Award  

hotel porcelain | thermal coated steel

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€ 109 / € 129 / € 139

delivery time 3 to 7 days | free delivery in the Netherlands

€ 129,00



€ 139,00



€ 109,00



A couple of years ago I bought two cup and saucers en one plate of LIFE IS A PARTY. I like the the symplicity and sense of humour of the design. They are placed in my office and I still enjoy them. Louise Cohen makes designs that have a nice mix of a good concept and a beautiful appearence.

Ingrid van der Geest
PIT Concept & Copy

Old fashion coffee tables can go to the trash.

André Keikes
Leeuwarder Courant