visual tour

going from the top to ground floor

LAMPSHAPES 12 monumental lamp-like shapes with preventive purposes

nursing home Frittemahof Sneek

from 1.50 m to 3.50 m diameter
0.75 m in height

metallic changeant organza | stainless steel | aluminum | rubber

compensate vertigo on the top floor and make a visual barrier blocking the way down, all with the feel of a luxurious English hotel
incorporate long lasting eco-friendly basic lighting for a minimum price

download publication in Pi [Project & Interieur] in Dutch 

Every space has a unique spirit.  The nursing home Frittemahof in Sneek needed a visual addition with lighting to fill the enormous atrium and bring a balance to the stern rectangular lines of the architecture. Louise’s monumental circular lampshades fulfilled the brief. The transparency, softness and colours of the fabric draped around the lampshades, which are suspended at different levels in the atrium, complement the architecture and brings a feeling of intimacy to the space.

Helen Patterson
interior design

You have given a beautiful gift to the Frittemahof that will illuminate us for years! Thank you.

Durk Bruinsma
location manager

My compliments for Louise. The chosen materials are brilliant and she has worked out everything down to the last detail.

Irene Loonstra
project assistant

double layered LAMPSHAPE 

single ribbed tripple layered 

set of 3 with standard fittings