Here are some peeks into private homes.  These unique pieces are handmade unique lamps and custom-made textiles or a combination of both. Some of these designs are made from upcycled materials. Others are absolute low in energy use. Scroll down and activate the pictures.

Sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd and add creative beauty to your home to fit your own personality. No matter how often you look at a piece that you have acquired, you will still find yourself admiring it as if it is the first time.
Rowan Quanto | design critic

The language of light is a language that can not be put in words. Some artist know how to literately weave that light into their work. Louise Cohen is one of them. The carefully considered design arranges the materials originally.
Gerhild Tóth-van Rooij art critic

Louise Cohen - Home 1
Louise Cohen Wall Light S
Louise Cohen WALL flowing light
Louise Cohen - Home 2
Louise Cohen - Home 3