Louise Cohen icebreaker 1
Louise Cohen IJSBREKER 2
Louise Cohen ICEBREAKER 4

ICEBREAKER a lamp without lamps made of glass without glass

Three light objects for the foyer of MartiniPlaza Theater Groningen

4.00 m x 4.00 m at 4.00 m height
450 kg each

3 cm acrylic glass | circle with gold leaf effect | compact fluorescence lamps | certified steel cable

make something festive, rich and sparkling in 3 circles

exposure on the front page and on national television news

Beautiful concept, professionally prepared, developed and executed, pleasurable cooperation, TOP result! Still radiant till today.

interior architects Ruth van der Most van Spijk – Marjan Bulder 

We still get positive responses to the ICEBREAKERS even after 14 years.

head management buildings Douwe Koning