As you might know, the LIFE IS GREAT fire table is manufactured in cooperation with Mannen van Staal [men of steel] in my hometown. It took us several years to develop an entire collection that has found its way into the world. The biggest challenge was to work out how to get the tables to all those gardens. In the beginning, it was quite simple and great fun. Since then a lot refining of in the process and the details in the design have taken place… Initially, I got my ‘own’ delivery trailer that was hooked up to my car and I drove all over Holland and part of Belgium and Germany. It brought me to all sorts of different and beautiful places and I definitely made some friends for life. That is also how I got to learn to appreciate Champagne…. The first six owners offered me a toast after we assembled the table together. By coincidence, they were of different brands and I liked them all!

After a while, the orders became more complex and from further away. We did a lot of testing with sending pallets to the first guinea pigs before we could be sure a delivery would arrive in good condition. The ultimate test was a shipment to Russia for Design Act Moscow. I was advised to keep the estimated value very low and even so I was hit by a tax demand of € 1800 tax at the Russian border. Everything did arrive safely and I am happy I found a good way to deliver all over the world.

Nowadays part of the charm of ordering a part of the LIFE IS GREAT Collection is you build it together and make it your own straight away. People often send me stories about it. The most beautiful one is of a family with 6 foster boys. When their table arrived they all joined in to put it in the garden. This is the mail I received the same day: ‘Fantastic! What a table. We dined outside tonight. The little ones wearing nothing but their pajamas. Lovely heat from the fire. No doubt we shall enjoy this coming winter. Great!!!’

As you can tell from this do-it-yourself movie these people enjoyed themselves too!

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