Every year I ask a photographer to give their personal view on the LIFE IS GREAT outdoor collection. I give you the promising young talent Keri Stoelinga starring my new modular items. Keri is the second photographer who chose to do the shoot at Mannen van Staal [men of steel] where the collection is made and displayed. I can imagine because it is a most inspiring place!


First Keri took a portrait of me and my elements. She then snapped away at all the details in the table. I love the way she used the sunshine and caught the light. It puts the pictures in the tradition of the old Dutch painters. It brings out the best in everything and it gives the pictures an intense quality.

Louise Cohen 2


To make the largest ice cooler bowl look at its most luxurious we used real crushed ice and oysters. I handpicked them myself at the Wadden Sea, so they are genuine Wadden oyster in case you want to know. Of course you can cool anything you like. It’s beautiful to see how the ice bowl  comes together with the table.

What you don’t see is the container hidden under the table that is filled with extra cooling elements to keep the ice as cold as possible. The melting water is also caught in this container so the ice will be at its best.

Louise Cohen 1


Then of course the small ice cooler bowl could only be filled with caviar. Notice how the bowls can be tilted in any angle to present its content.

This is the only Dutch caviar, sustainable and farmed with passion. Anna Dutch Caviar is inspired by Anna Paulowna, a historic member of the Royal family and the story about how caviar came to the Netherlands. The owner was happy to display their caviar in the caviar cooler.

Louise Cohen 5


For the occasion the self-sufficient cooler was filled with bubbles, what else… The silver bottle goes well with the bowls and the purple of the violets in the flower and herbs element. I use the coolers myself for large celebrations. The next one is to celebrate that I came up with the idea of the LIFE IS GREAT fire and grill table 20 years ago.


Over the years I have received many a picture of happy owners of a LIFE IS GREAT table. It was remarkable that in most of these pictures there where plants on the table. Some people also mentioned that although they like the design of the ring that closes of the central fire element they would also like to put a flower pot in the middle.

The next obvious step was to create a flowers and herbs element that can replace a tile ànd that fits in the fire element when not in use. Now all greens can grow straight out of the table!

Keri Stoelinga


Keri Stoelinga has been doing a lot of my photo work for a couple of years now. I thought it was time to put her in the spotlight and give her free reign and I am very happy with the result! She caught the pure essence with just her camera, no enhancing needed.


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