CURTAIN WALL LIGHT integrated strip of lighting

integrated light object for villa

2.00 m x 3.00 m

bio cotton velvet | LED light bulbs

suggest a replacement for the old curtain and what can we do about the dark corner

choice of 200 colors of velvet and 6 colors of light and 4 whites

It struck me on my last visit what these 5 light bulbs do to the entire room. My idea was to let the green of the velvet form a unity with the color of the ivy outside and the rest of the wall. When the curtain covers the door at night the unity continiuous. It gives a pleasant feel to the space. And all this with only a 10 watt output.

Louise Cohen 

WALL LIGHTS large bulbs
choice of 6 colors and 4 whites of LED

WALL LIGHTS large unbreakable bulbs XL
bio coton velours with 99 LEDs