After many years in my profession I can safely say that my site has matured. It brings my work closer to you in a lifelike way. Also it brings out the best in all the pictures that were taken over the years. Everything is coming together beautifully!

In the first architectural pictures that were taken it was not to my advantage that all the projects were so different. I work with all kinds of materials and techniques, shapes, colors and sizes in various disciplines. To give an impression of their actual size I started to show up in them as a black figurine. Like many people I am not fond of having my picture taken, but after the first model was unable to continue I knew that I would be the only everlasting model for the job…. Instead of being behind the camera I was now in front of it. Later on, someone pointed out to me that I literally created a connection between al my designs, me and my work too, so in the end I got three for the price of one.  

buildings Louise Cohen  

Lifelong friend and photographer Jan Kalma has steadily taken a signature picture of every project ever since. In the new layout of the site my work in different interiors can really shine! In the last months we drove around to gather new material of these designs. The last [middle] picture that was taken was a masterpiece for us both. Jan captured all my 12 LAMPSHAPES and me in one image. It took us 4 hours…. He has also done most of the brilliant photo work on my indoor and outdoor collections. This material has shown up in many international magazines and on design sites. The only thing we did not record were all the assignments I did in private homes and gardens. Since my site is now the perfect place to show them to you we started to record them too.

We had a great time meeting up with happy owners and their designs. As you can guess none of them [except one] were thrilled to be in the picture and I highly respect their privacy. So guess again who is in them…. Together with assisting photographer Keri Stoelinga we completed the series in private homes and gardens. And one thing lead to another. It dawned on me that some of the people that enjoy my designs have bought two tables over time. There are some very special collectors among them and we have asked them if we could shoot them too…  

homes Louise Cohen  

There are more new additions to the site. I am creating a toolbox for architects and my first INSPIRATIONAL INSTRUMENTS are in it. It is a PDF filled with modular options to fit special architectural needs. And there are more in the making like monumental objects, combinations of textiles and woven stainless steel with lighting and surprising acoustic solutions.

I also found a spot to make my Dutch ambassadors stand out. You can find and visit them under the CONTACT button.

To make the story complete I contacted some of the people who have worked with me one time or other or who ordered a custom-made design. I received an almost overwhelming load of reactions and heartwarming responses. They are the cherry on my delightful pie….  Celebrate the good things in life with me!

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