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lamp clock

There are times when it is handy to have both a lamp and a clock at your disposal. Here is the answer! Already built together.


MEASUREMENTS 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 9,4″ 12 cm x 12 cm x 24 cm


MATERIAL galvanized steel | synthetic material

€ 49,00


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[/rowfluid][blockquote color=” cite=’Sally Schneider in The Improvised Life’ ]We totally love this collection of elements and connectors for making whatever you want, designed by Louise Cohen. It is like a perfect fusion of built-it-yourself Lego/Tinkertoy/K’nex/ErectorSet-esque material for adults. [/blockquote][blockquote color=” cite=’Ingeborg on Bright.nl’ ]CREATE YOUR OWN made by Louise Cohen from Leeuwarden is like Ikea, but with more fun. From 18 elements and striking bolts and nuts you can put your cabinet together like you might remember of Meccano. A clock, a lamp a shelf to hang you wine glases in, bolt it together in a composition of your choice. And screw it apart again. And put it back together in a different way, like on a rainy Wednesday afternoon.[/blockquote]