Take a look at her home, her garden and her life. After almost 20 years of being one of the biggest collectors of my work ànd a relentless and wonderful ambassador I would like to put in the spotlight artist and art collector Joke [pronounce Yokuh] Ket. And that is not all there is to her….! She also inspired me to create the appearance of the LIFE IS GREAT fire table as you know it today. Joke is a painter with a preference for the Frisian Wadden Sea. She developed her own technique to make the clay and sandy shores literally come alive. She does not like to pose, but I did get her to sit down in her living room together with one of her paintings. Anything for art…
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It all started with one of the first “Laplampen” a.k.a. WALL LIGHT. Instead of going for safe I invited Joke and Anne to go for a strong color. They went for the most royal of blues which brings out the best in all their collected art. Although they went for the plainest of little light bulbs it created a magical side effect [as featured in Work in Homes]. At one of my private art and design gatherings they whisked away a concrete table and completed it with a custom made LIFE IS PERFECT linen table cloth.

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The couple also owns several of the LIFE IS A CELEBRATION napkins and a set of LIFE IS LIGHT museum pieces [the little lights in the left picture] and all designs are enjoyed to the fullest on an everyday basis. Next to her paintings and other design and art work you can spot several stone sculptures by the artists hand.


One day Joke came to another of my private presentations where the predecessor of the fire table, LIFE IS GOOD, was on display. It then had a black frame and concrete tiles and straight legs. She was definitely in love with the concept, but to make it fit into her surroundings a few adjustments where required. Since I was already on my way to go for a ‘lighter’ look we completed my redesign together. There is a crazy story about the hunt for a fitting table top and we had a fun time together. Since I always keep the first of every series myself Joke is the proud owner of the LIFE IS GREAT no. 2.

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This documentary was recorded by Keri Stoelinga on a dreary winter’s day. To make it complete I used two pictures from the Facebook page of Joke Ket. One is to show you the garden when in use in spring during one of her workshops. The other is of her latest acquisition, two LIFE IS NICE placemat potholders. One in fuchsia and the other in blue. You should see the flower pieces that she is combining them with and I am sure you are welcome to go see for yourself….!

I have seen Joke transform from an autodidact part time painter to a full fledged artist who is enormously active as an art promoter and teacher. Joke’s first interest was to travel as much as she could and paint people all over the world. On one of these travels she connected to the needs of the people in a village in Sri Lanka and she and her husband Anne have been helping them out ever since.
If you are interested in Joke’s work or her humanitarian project go to www.schildereizen.com and www.kalpitiya.nl [both in Dutch].